MyBudget is the first project from Flojo Software and is a financial software for the BeOS/ZETA and (later) Haiku operating system.
The software is developed for endusers who need an easy way to keep track of expenses and deposits. Further, you can look at statistics where you see how much money you spent for each category like food, concerts, software or whatever.
MyBudget is priced at EUR 19,95 and can be bought via PayPal. 10% of each sold license will find its way to Haiku. There is also a demo download available on the download page.

Some features:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Own helpsystem with fulltext search (available only in german at the moment)
  • Protect your account(s) with password(s)
  • Configure the currency, the decimal marker and the date format you want to use
  • Statistics tab to get informations on what you spend your money for
  • Overview tab to get a quick overview of expenses/deposits
  • Print account infos
  • Management of categories (some are already preconfigured)
  • Statistics window with a lot of possibilities to let you perform statistic queries
  • Haiku gets supported

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