MyBudget 1.0 Beta released

MyBudget 1.0 Beta was released to our betatesters now. We hope the feedback will be as good as we hope. We will keep you informed.

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8 thoughts on “MyBudget 1.0 Beta released

  1. Hey, bug report
    Create an account with a password set. Save it, restart application. It is asking for the password correctly. Log-In, and then save the project. Close the app and restart, you do not have to enter a password again. The option doesn’t seem to be saved somewhere.

  2. #2
    It should make sense to have an OK Button in the textfield, when you enter a password. Everything else is non intuitive.

  3. #3
    Error in localisation:
    Locale File:
    “New expense” “Neue Ausgabe”

    In application it is “New Expense” with a capital E. So wether language file or app string has to be changed.

    Best Regards 😉

  4. Text overlapping check this screenshot …

    I’m not able to save any account I create it seems I create a new one on each start of the program and on closing it asks me if I want to save the account witch I state with yes but after starting the program again it doesn’t load (find)? the account.

    Printing is nice .. but you should look at the date too … the format has to be changed somehow.

  5. couldn’t find any line which could cause the first behaviour Begasus wrot. Second bug is called, when there are two or more amounts in the same day and you make statistics only for one day. DasJott, that’s your part 🙂
    The date-bug will be fixed tomorrow by me.


  6. Bugs from Begasus:
    Like thaflo said, when there were two ore more entries of the same day, those strange numbers appeared. Could recreate it.

    And like thaflo said, that was my part 😉

    Found the bug (after almost going crazy) and fixed that damn thing. 🙂

    That thing with the date on the print panel is of course to be changed.
    Guess that will happen in one of the next major beta releases.
    This format of the date is how yab spits it out, using date$.
    Also the calendars using forced german format atm..
    All those date-things will be settable then.

    Also the bug Maurice reported me on IRC is fixed. When having a difference of 1 day, no graph was shown. Fixed now.

    All those changes integrated in the next downloadable betaversion, coming soon.

    Best regards to you all

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